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Frequently Asked Questions About ARTAS® Hair Transplant

Frequently Asked Questions About ARTAS® Hair TransplantLast week, we made a special announcement that the ARTAS System for hair restoration will be available at the Hair Transplant Institute of Miami in just a few short weeks. We are very excited to be one of the very first practices in Florida to offer this exciting and revolutionary hair transplant technology. Never before have state of the art robotics and digital imaging technology been so seamlessly combined to augment the skill of a hair transplant surgeon, and the results are simply astounding.

Our Institute has created this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) guide to further explain how the ARTAS System combines advanced robotics and high-res digital imaging with the exceptional skills of our transplant surgeons. For more information and appointment requests, readers are invited to call our institute directly at 1-877-443-9070.

How is hair transplantation with the ARTAS® System different?

The biggest difference is that the ARTAS System uses state of the art digital imaging and robotics to harvest follicular units. It is important to note that the procedure is still conducted under the control of a physician. The ARTAS System provides the physician with calculations of unparalleled accuracy. Things like hair position, angle, and other parameters are each carefully measured to achieve optimal harvesting results from the donor area.

Does the ARTAS System produce natural-looking results?

Yes. The ARTAS System targets hair follicles in a random fashion based on a series of digital calculations (as noted above). Hair follicles are then harvested without causing the donor area to lose its natural appearance.

Will my hair begin to grow immediately?

The growth phase for transplanted hair is naturally a long process. As with any hair transplant procedure, it takes time for transplanted hair follicles to develop their own blood supply. This is vital, as the blood carries oxygen and other nutrients that fuel natural growth. The timetable for seeing new hair growth is around 3 months after the procedure. Significant improvements in appearance are typical after 5-6 months. After 12 months, patients will begin to notice the natural “final results”.

Does the ARTAS System leave scars?

The ARTAS System leaves very minimal scars to the donor area, allowing patients to confidently wear their hair at short lengths. The ARTAS System is most similar to follicular unit transplant (FUT) procedures, during which a linear scar is never created. Instead, very small circular scars are created at the site from which each hair follicle is harvested. These circular scars are pinkish-red in color and usually never visible unless the patients shave their head entirely.

How are ARTAS results different from the old “Hair Plugs” people used to get?

Old fashioned “hair plugs” included the harvesting of large patches of hair follicles that resulted in an awkward and unnatural appearance once implanted. The ARTAS System uses its computer-assisted robotic arm and digital mapping to pinpoint individual follicular units from the donor area for dissection. This process provides the doctor more control and precision in designing a natural looking hair growth pattern. Because the ARTAS System enables unmatched precision and accuracy, doctors are able to extract healthy robust grafts for optimal growth.

How long will my hair transplant last? Is it permanent?

ARTAS System procedures are typically permanent. The transplanted hair may last a lifetime, as it is harvested from the back of the head and is not susceptible to the conditions that habitually cause male pattern baldness. For optimal results, patients must schedule a hair loss evaluation with an expert to determine the unique cause of their hair loss and develop an effective course of treatment.

How long do procedures with the ARTAS System take?

Hair transplant procedures with the ARTAS System may take 4-8 hours to complete, depending on specific goals and patient needs.

Do hair transplant procedures with the ARTAS System hurt?

Contrary to what many believe, patients report that a hair transplant procedure involves no more pain than a trip to the dentist. The same is the case with the ARTAS System. At the beginning of the procedure, the scalp is locally anesthetized until numb. Should you begin to feel any pain during the procedure, a physician will administer additional anesthetic to reduce any discomfort.

Will people know I have had a hair transplant procedure?

With the ARTAS Procedure, any scarring is minimal and virtually undetectable. Transplanted hair grows in gradually, over a period of a year, reducing the chance that people will notice the procedure.

Do I have to shave my head before the procedure?

No, patients do not need to shave their head prior to have a procedure performed with the ARTAS System. A short trim is necessary, however. This allows the physician to use the ARTAS System to accurately visualize, track, and harvest each follicular unit. For smaller procedures, patients may choose to trim only the harvest area that is needed to achieve desired results.

Learn More About the ARTAS® System

To learn more about the ARTAS System, schedule an appointment online or call our front desk directly at toll free 1-877-443-9070.


ARTAS® Hair Restoration: Digitally Enhanced for Unparalleled Results

ARTAS SystemIt is our pleasure to announce that the ARTAS® System for advanced hair restoration is set to arrive at the Hair Transplant Institute of Miami in early October. The ARTAS System seamlessly combines the use of advanced robotics and high-resolution digital imaging to provide our hair transplant surgeons with the absolute best tool for conducting transplants with unparalleled precision. That’s fabulous news for the millions of men and women who suffer with hair loss, as the ARTAS System aims to deliver a comfortable procedure designed to produce exceptionally beautiful and natural-looking results.

The ARTAS System: Hair Restoration, Redefined™

Now you can have a permanent and natural looking solution for hair loss. And nobody has to know you’ve had treatment. With the ARTAS Procedure, the most advanced technology and precision robotics are utilized to produce fuller, healthier looking hair. Permanent hair from the back of the head is transplanted into thinning areas where it grows just as naturally as before. After the Procedure, you will have natural looking hair—your own hair—that you may confidently wear in any style you choose.

The ARTAS Procedure, Step-by-Step

  • The area of the scalp to be used for transplantation is trimmed so it can be digitized by the ARTAS System. The doctor will apply a local anesthetic. A skin tensioner is placed on the scalp so that the System can accurately locate and harvest the hair in its natural groupings.
  • The ARTAS System digitally maps the area, analyzing the position of each natural grouping of hair.
  • With the doctor’s guidance, the System harvests donor hair in a random fashion, so that the area retains its original appearance. The above process is repeated until the desired amount of hair is acquired.
  • The grafts are then transplanted into the desired areas of the scalp, according to your physician’s design. These implanted grafts grow as permanent hair.

The Post-Procedure

  • Most patients quickly return to their normal activities, often within a day or two.
  • After a week, both the donor and recipient areas should have a similar appearance as before the procedure.
  • At approximately six months, most patients enjoy a noticeable improvement.
  • By nine months, they can experience natural-looking hair that will last a lifetime.

Contact Our Institute to Learn More

To learn more about the ARTAS System, schedule an appointment online or call our front desk directly at toll free 1-877-443-9070.