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ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant

At the Hair Transplant Institute of Miami, we have been specializing exclusively in hair restoration surgery for over 25 years. At our center you will have personalized care by two of the most experienced hair surgeons worldwide, Drs. Rose and Nusbaum, with over 50 years of combined experience, and both recipients of the prestigious ISHRS Golden Follicle Award. The minimally-invasive ARTAS Robotic System provides unprecedented hair restoration for many men suffering from this condition.

The system utilizes state-of-the-art robotic technology to assist physicians with difficult, manual methods that require repetitive and precise movements which can increase the risk of human error. The absolute limiting factor in hair restoration surgery is your finite supply of donor follicles; therefore, we take meticulous care to ensure that all our systems are geared to ensure the highest percentage of follicle survival.

Benefits of ARTAS Technology

  • Graft quality remains consistent throughout the procedure
  • No linear scarring
  • Quick recovery with less pain
  • Greater precision, consistency and accuracy to remove donor hair
  • Minimally invasive procedure

How To Make The Best Decision With ARTAS®: What you need to know 

Experience of the doctor. How long has he/she been doing hair transplants? Do they specialize in hair or do other types of cosmetic surgery or are they specialized in a completely unrelated field of medicine?

Our doctors are Board Certified Dermatologists with over 50 years of combined experience, specializing ONLY in Hair Loss and Hair Transplantation. They have received many awards and published numerous articles in the hair industry. We perform hair transplant surgeries every day and have a full-time staff, some of which have been with us for over 22 years.

Who will be doing your surgery? Be aware! Some clinics allow the technicians to perform the procedure from start to finish. These are people who hold no medical degree, carry no insurance and often travel from clinic to clinic and state to state.

The ARTAS robot is a surgical tool. It is only as good as the surgeon that operates it. Throughout the surgery, adjustments are made at the instruction of the doctor. 

In our clinic if we see that the robot is damaging an unacceptable percentage of follicles (called transection), we will stop the robotic procedure immediately and suggest trying an alternative harvesting technique. This occurs rarely in our hands, but the proficiency of the surgeon is a key factor in avoiding transection.

If performing FUE or ARTAS does the clinic go outside the “safe zone”?The safe zone is the area that one can expect will have donor hairs that will survive for a patient’s lifetime. In patients with marked hair loss such as a Type VI or VII the safe zone area may later in life be only be a narrow rim of hair that extends from ear to ear.

Taking hair from above this area when the patient is young means that the grafts will not last, but the patient will have paid for useless grafts.

Our priority and concept have been, and always will be, to ensure that the donor area is used properly to get the best result for each patient.

We do approximately 300 ARTAS cases a year and are NUMBER ONE in the Eastern United States in procedures performed. Our patients have access to our physicians 24 hours a day and are welcome to come for follow-up appointments anytime at no charge.

What is the transection rate at the clinic you chose with either the strip or ARTAS methods? Transected follicles are lost or damaged from your donor area permanently. We are proud to state that generally, our transection rate for strip cases is 0-3%; and for ARTAS 0-5%.

What kind of graft storage solution are they using? We use Hypothermosol + ATP, which is a solution used in cell preservation. We wish to ensure the highest survival of your grafts and have done research showing that this product can reduce cell death in transplanted follicles.

What kind of PRP are they using? We studied 7 different PRP kits. The results were that all PRP’s do not achieve the same concentration of platelets. A high concentration appears to be important to get the best results in hair growth and wound healing.

How natural are the results? We are the only clinic worldwide licensed to use our patented MOSAIC™ technology. Drs. Nusbaum and Rose, in partnership with Florida International University, developed a U.S. patented pattern analysis software. This patented system is used to recreate the patient’s unique arrangement of follicular units in our hair transplant design and implantation technique producing the most natural results.

Neograft vs. ARTAS®

What are the differences between Neograft and ARTAS®? Compare and contrast ARTAS Robotic Surgery at the Hair Transplant Institute Miami and a clinic utilizing the Neograft System.

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#1 in total ARTAS® procedures in Florida and the Southeast U.S.

ARTAS Technology

Since 2012, the Hair Transplant Institute of Miami has revolutionized surgical hair restoration in South Florida with the ARTAS® system by Restoration™ Robotics.

ARTAS® is a minimally invasive, state-of-the-art procedure that uses digital mapping and robotics precision to select and harvest hair for transplantation (FUE). Following extraction, our surgeons create a completely personalized map of transplant sites, into which follicular units are expertly grafted. Named the Mosaic® Hair Restoration, our surgeons developed this novel transplant technique to mimic the unique follicular pattern of each individual patient. Because every adult has a hair pattern as unique as his or her fingerprint, only the Mosaic® Hair Restoration can achieve the most natural results.

Dr. Paul T. Rose, MD, JD is also a member of the Restoration Robotics Medical Advisory Board as the southeast representative physician.

Patient Testimonials Provided by ARTAS®

Watch as actors, business professionals, and other patients share their personal experience with ARTAS®.

What to Expect

  • 2 Days Later.Patients enjoy a speedy and comfortable recovery after hair transplant with the ARTAS® system, returning to normal activities in as little as 2 days. Hats can be worn immediately after the procedure.
  • 1 Week Later.Signs of the procedure nearly vanish after just 1 week, since ARTAS® uses minimally invasive technology to extract individual follicular units without creating a linear scar.
  • 9 Months Later.In just 9 months after surgery, patients experience a newer, thicker, and natural head of hair that lasts lifetime.

Advantages of ARTAS® FUE and Hair Transplant

  • Minimally invasive
  • Greater precision, consistency and accuracy
  • Quick recovery with less post-op discomfort
  • No Linear Scarring: Wear your hair short, without exposing a long and linear scar.
  • Improve Past Procedures: Using ARTAS®, linear scars from previous hair transplants are camouflaged to improve appearance.
  • Plan, Track, and Improve: With the ARTAS Hair Studio®, surgeons and patients gain invaluable insight to create a fully customized long-term hair restoration plan.

Visualize Your Results with ARTAS Hair Studio®

See it, before you get it. With the ARTAS Hair Studio®, our surgeons show you 3-dimensional renderings of potential results, created from your personal photographs.

Plan and track progress. Hair loss is a progressive and lifelong condition. Using the ARTAS Hair Studio®, our surgeons develop a comprehensive and personalized hair restoration plan that evolves with you over time. Using advanced digital imaging and micron-level precision, this leading technology helps surgeons track current, completed, and future procedures while planning for the progression of pattern baldness.

  • Current Procedure: Identify healthy donor hair while mapping transplant sites.
  • Completed Procedures: Track and managed previous donor and recipient areas.
  • Future Procedures: Anticipate the progression of hair loss and preserve donor hair for use in future procedures as-needed.

Schedule an ARTAS® Consultation

At the Miami Hair & Skin Institute of Miami, our surgeons have developed the most comprehensive approach for evaluating and treating patients with hair loss, while providing the very latest in surgical techniques at our state-of-the art facility.

We are pleased to offer follicular unit extraction (FUE) and the Mosaic® Hair Restoration with the revolutionary ARTAS® system and ARTAS Hair Studio®. For more information, complete the appointment form above or call our clinic directly at 305-925-0222.

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ARTAS® Target Technology

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