Women and Hair Loss

Hair Loss in Women: More common than you might think

Even though hair loss in women is less common than in men, approximately 20 million American females experience thinning hair. Unlike men who typically expect to lose at least some of their hair by age 50, women are often caught by surprise.

The pattern of female balding tends to vary from men. Balding or thinning hair in women usually occurs over the entire top of the head whereas men lose their hair in isolated areas like the crown and temple. Genetics play a key role in male hair loss. Other precipitating factors such as hormones can be responsible for the loss of hair in women.

A transplant can restore thinning hair in women and replace hair lost during forehead lifts and facelifts. Transplanted hair follicles thrive in scar tissue, making it possible to fill in scalp scars with natural hair. Transplants can also be used to thicken or lower the hairline and, in select cases, the eyebrows.

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