Testimonials (Women)


Hair transplantation can replace hair loss in women from naturally occurring female-pattern hair loss or hair loss that may appear from cosmetic surgery procedures, particularly forehead and facelifts. In select cases, the hairline can be thickened or lowered. Our practice also offers eyebrow transplantation as an option for women.

Since the early eighties, Dr. Nusbaum been transplanting female patients. We estimate that 20 percent of the female population in North America, or 20 million women, suffers from hair thinning.

Testimonials FROM Women

Sheila Greenberg, Independent Real Estate Broker
“When my hair started thinning, I was self-conscious about clients being able to see my scalp. I believe that looking one’s best is important. I’ve had two procedures from Dr. Nusbaum and couldn’t be more pleased. I’d love to have another one. He’s a very warm and caring doctor. He takes all the time in the world and will answer any question.”

Laura Iglesias, Senior Vice President of Refugee Programs
“I was very depressed before I had my hair transplant. I lost my hair gradually. I tried everything, with no success. It was my hairdresser who recommended Dr. Nusbaum. I’m like a new person, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

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