Scalp Pathology for the Hair Transplant Surgeon: Donor vs. Recipient Dominance: Revisited

Scalp Pathology for the Hair Transplant Surgeon: Hair Loss Diagnosis

If one performs enough hair transplant consultations, patients with alopecias of different etiologies will be encountered. The primary requirement in that first visit is to make a correct diagnosis. This is accomplished by taking a directed history, performing a scalp examination using specific clinical assessments and, in selected cases, performing microscopic analysis of hair and/or scalp biopsy.

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Scalp Pathology for the Hair Restoration Surgeon: Differentiating Chronic Telogen Effluvium from Female Pattern Hair Loss

I think that we can all agree that hair loss diagnosis in women presents a more formidable challenge than in their male counterparts. Since hair transplantation is contraindicated for certain alopecias, we need to approach the female candidate with a greater degree of awareness regarding the entire range of differential diagnostic possibilities.

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SCALP DERMATOLOGY FOR THE HAIR TRANSPLANT SURGEON: Recognition and Management of Different Alopecias

With increasing consumer awareness regarding hair transplantation, patients with alopecias of different etiologies will present to the hair transplant surgeon rather than to dermatologists or general practitioners. Some of these conditions, if transplanted, can result in failure. A guide for recognition and management of these patients is presented.

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