Dr. Nusbaum Answers Questions About Hair Transplant Procedures

Hair Loss Evaluation & Treatment

At the Hair Transplant Institute of Miami, we have developed the most comprehensive approach for evaluating and treating patients with hair loss, while providing the very latest in scientific techniques at our state-of-the art facility. Unlike other clinics that perform hair restoration, both Dr. Nusbaum and Dr. Rose have extensive experience in medical hair loss therapy as well as research, and are also Board Certified in Dermatology, the only medical specialty with certified specialty residency training in hair loss and scalp diseases.

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Baldness in Teens

As a specialist exclusively treating hair-loss patients, I am astonished by the number of teenage boys presenting with the beginning signs of male pattern baldness. Since we have not been tracking this group historically, we are not aware if the problem always existed and was simply ignored due to lack of awareness, or if occurrences increased for any reason in recent years.

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