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What Your Hair Can Tell You About Your Health

If you want to get a complete picture of your health, you’ll need a comprehensive physical exam, an array of tests, and the expertise of your doctor. But medical charts and lab results are not the only places you can get insights about your well-being. Your body has plenty of ways of telling you if […]

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Can Stem Cell Therapy Replace Hair Transplants

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are the multi-talented repairmen of our bodies, maintaining and restoring healthy functioning everywhere, fixing the body by dividing and replacing damaged tissues. For a number of years, stem cell research has held the promise of leveraging their power to promote healing and treat a wide range of ailments and issues. Now new stem […]

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10 Tricks to Help Hair Appear Fuller

Fuller Hair

If you want to stop your hair from thinning and take steps to restore a full, robust, and youthful-looking head of hair, the Hair Transplant Institute of Miami offers several effective surgical and non-surgical options for doing so. Our skilled hair transplant physicians can diagnose the underlying causes of your hair loss and develop a […]

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Scalp Sunscreen: The Easiest Way to Protect and Hydrate Your Scalp

scalp folliculitis

Every inch of skin on your body is vulnerable to sunburn if exposed to the sun’s harsh rays for extended periods of time. This includes your scalp. Balding individuals or those with thinning hair are particularly vulnerable to sunburn on the scalp. The consequences of sunburn and overexposure to UV rays include not only short-term […]

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