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Menopause and Hair Loss

Menopausal Hair Loss

Life is full of inevitable and unavoidable transitions. For women, menopause is perhaps the most impactful of these changes – physically, psychologically, and emotionally. Many aspects of menopause caused by fluctuating hormone levels are uncomfortable and undesirable, including hot flashes, mood swings, and irregular menstruation. For a lot of women, menopause also leads to hair […]

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Hair Loss Prevention Plan: Vitamin D

Hair Loss Prevention Plan: Vitamin D

Not all hair loss prevention steps involve professional intervention or medication. There are plenty of lifestyle and diet changes which can help strengthen your hair follicles, encourage hair growth, reduce the likelihood of shedding. If you are trying to maximize your chances of maintaining your existing hair and minimizing additional loss, then the letter “D” […]

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Hair Loss Prevention Plan: Dutasteride

DHT Blockers Dutasteride

Exploring and considering the full range of treatment options for hair loss are essential steps in developing a hair loss prevention plan. Those options can include hair transplant surgery, low-level laser therapy, stem cell therapy, and prescription treatments such as topical applications, oral medications, and supplements. In our last post, we discussed one of these […]

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Progressive Pattern Hair Loss Explained

Progressive Pattern Hair Loss

The end result of hair loss is the same for everybody: hair that winds up on the shower floor, stuck in a brush, on your pillow, or pretty much anywhere other than your scalp. But how that hair falls out, where it falls out, and why it falls out can vary from person to person. […]

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Understanding Scarring Alopecia

Androgenetic Alopecia in Women

Over 95 percent of hair loss cases are caused by androgenetic alopecia, a hereditary hair loss condition that affects over three million Americans annually. But it isn’t the only form of alopecia. While far less common, scarring alopecia also causes hair loss, though for different reasons and in different ways. Also known as cicatricial alopecia, […]

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The Hair Restoration Journey Series: Preparing for Your Surgery

hair transplant surgery

Having decided to have hair transplant surgery, you are no doubt excited to move forward, have the procedure, and see the results. After all, it has been a long journey from lamenting about your hair loss to deciding to do something about it to having a hair loss consultation to scheduling the date for your […]

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Most Common Causes of Scalp Inflammation and Hair Loss

Scalp Inflammation

If your scalp is irritated, if it itches, if it is inflamed, or if you feel burning sensations on the top of your head, you may be suffering from a common but treatable condition known as scalp folliculitis. In addition to these annoying and sometimes painful symptoms, scalp folliculitis can also cause hair loss. With […]

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How Typical is Shock Loss After Hair Transplant Surgery?

Hair transplant surgery involves the pinpoint and meticulous extraction of follicles from the donor area of the scalp followed by an equally detailed and careful process of transplanting those follicles to parts of the scalp where they can grow and flourish. As with any other surgical procedure, there is the potential for minor complications to […]

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