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How Typical is Shock Loss After Hair Transplant Surgery?

Hair transplant surgery involves the pinpoint and meticulous extraction of follicles from the donor area of the scalp followed by an equally detailed and careful process of transplanting those follicles to parts of the scalp where they can grow and flourish. As with any other surgical procedure, there is the potential for minor complications to […]

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How Biotin Boosts Hair Health


The vitamins, minerals and nutrients you consume each day largely influence your outward appearance. When it comes to hair health, biotin is (arguably) the most widely-known and promoted beauty-enhancing supplement. However, few people understand how exactly biotin interacts with hair follicles for increased shine, volume and strength. Biotin is a water-soluble B vitamin that facilitates […]

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Is Hair Health Important?

Hair Plug Transplants vs. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

For many men and women, hair health is not a priority. Their haircare routine is typically straightforward: shampoo, maybe conditioner and perhaps a little styling spray to look put together. Others take their hair health more seriously, particularly individuals who suffer from embarrassing hair loss conditions. But, does hair health truly matter? The answer is […]

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How Your Diet Encourages Hair Growth

Foods For Healthy Hair

Physical characteristics, including hair, is often representative of your internal wellbeing. When you lack the nutrients necessary to keep your body performing properly, certain functions shut down. Patients suffering from temporary hair loss due a stressful event or dietary shift, a condition called telogen effluvium, should reevaluate their nutrition. All hair loss patients looking to […]

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Safe Hairstyles for Long Hair

Can Chlorine Cause Hair Loss

Growing hair long and strong can take years and determination, and caring for your lengthy locks is key. With long hair, you may be tempted to pull strands back from the face. However, many slicked-back up-do’s cause tension on follicles. Over time, this tension and strain can lead to follicle shock and traction alopecia, which […]

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Fast Facts for National Hair Loss Awareness Month

Ludwig Classification

Summer is still (technically) in full swing, but the final full month of the season is especially important for men and women with shedding or balding locks. August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month, and to encourage awareness both within and outside of the community, the Hair Transplant Institute of Miami has compiled the following […]

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How Do Hair Restoration Techniques Differ?

Scalp Inflammation

When implementing hair restoration surgery, physicians will opt for techniques that provide the most natural, optimal results. In the modern era of hair loss restoration, multiple methods exist to help patients achieve their aesthetic hair goals. Mosaic Hair Restoration Often, hair restoration surgeons opt for predetermined zones composed of one, two or three hair follicles […]

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Does Dry Shampoo Cause Hair Loss?

Does Dry Shampoo Cause Hair Loss?

Washing your hair everyday isn’t ideal, especially for those with long or unruly strands that require significant effort to maintain. Many women (and men) have found dry shampoo to be immensely helpful in cutting down on washing, drying and styling time throughout the week. While the product is essentially just powder-in-a-can, dry shampoo’s immense popularity […]

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High-Risk Hair Styles for Women

Teens and Hair Loss- The Top 7 Causes

Do you ever feel that wearing your hair too tight is pulling on your delicate strands? A study from the John Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore shows that a strong association exists between overly tight hairstyles that lead to scalp tension and eventually, a hair loss condition called traction alopecia. Traction alopecia occurs […]

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