What is the Duration of a Hair Transplant Procedure?

How do different hair restoration techniques work?

If you suffer from hair loss, you may have spent years watching with dismay as your hair became thinner and thinner. You may have also spent a lot of time wondering whether you should do something about it. If you finally make the decision to take action and restore your hair and your confidence through […]

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Can a Hair Transplant Be Used to Create a New Hairline?

Your face is the first thing you see when you look in the mirror, and a receding hairline staring back at you may be the first and most visible sign that you are losing hair. The good news is that hair transplant techniques which are used to restore areas of thinning hair elsewhere on the […]

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Children’s Hair Loss: What You Need to Know

Hair Transplants- Safe for Teenagers?

It can be hard to be a kid sometimes. Things can be even more difficult for a child who is losing their hair. Feeling different, being picked on, teased, or bullied because of hair loss can be devastating and disruptive for a child. But there are solutions that can address this issue, which is more […]

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3 Underlying Illnesses That Cause Hair Loss

illnesses and hair loss

Hair loss can be a problem in and of itself, caused by a condition or factors which have no other significant health effects. For example, this is the case with androgenetic alopecia, a hereditary hair loss condition that affects over three million Americans annually and is responsible for over 95 percent of hair loss cases […]

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How to Relieve Scalp Folliculitis at Home

scalp folliculitis

Irritation. Itchiness. Burning sensations. Hair loss. Any or all of these unappealing symptoms and more may mean you are suffering from a condition called hair folliculitis. Also called scalp folliculitis, this condition is common among both men and women. Luckily, there are several effective, affordable, and easy home remedies to relieve the discomfort and disruption […]

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3 Treatments to Boost Hair Transplant Results

hair tranplant results

Hair transplant surgery is an effective hair restoration method that increases your confidence and sense of well-being. But, even successful hair restoration procedures can benefit from an extra push. To help each patient achieve optimal hair transplant results, we offer technologies and medications to reinforce and encourage hair growth long after you’ve left our offices. […]

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How Does Men and Women’s Hair Loss Differ?

women's hair loss

For decades, stand-up comedians have made jokes about the differences between men and women. While losing hair is no laughing matter, and men and women’s hair loss share commonalities, there are a few important distinctions between the causes, manifestations, and treatment depending on sex. Causes We’ll start with what men and women’s hair loss has in […]

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The Psychological Impact of Hair Loss

psychological impact of hair loss

If you’re one of the 55 million people in the United States who suffer from hair loss, you understand first-hand that thinning, shedding and balding have devastating emotional side effects. Hair is both natural and symbolic – it’s interwoven in the figurative fabric of nearly every culture across the globe. And while it’s not as […]

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3 Steps to Take When You First Notice Hair Loss

notice hair loss

When you first notice hair loss, you probably won’t have a receding hairline or thinning crown just yet. While these are characteristic symptoms of male pattern baldness – medically known as androgenic alopecia, or hereditary hair loss – progression doesn’t appear overnight. First, you may notice excessive amounts of hair stuck to your pillowcase or […]

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4 Hair Loss Myths Everyone Should Ignore

hair loss myths

Hair loss myths seem to circulate around social media, no matter how much concrete and credible information is readily available. Unfortunately, the popularity and sheer temptation of self-diagnosis is difficult to overcome. Once you notice those few extra strands on your pillow or in your shower drain, placing blame on genetics, stress, diet, haircare or […]

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